Fuel and Volumetric Notice

Current Fuel Surcharge 


Air Fuel Surcharge: 16%

Ground Fuel Surcharge: 6%

Fuel Surcharge
Worldnet International’s uses an index-based fuel surcharge that is adjusted monthly. The fuel of the current month is adjusted based on the finalized monthly rate from two months prior per the U.S. Gulf Coast kerosene-type jet fuel spot price reported by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Scheduled changes to the fuel surcharge are effective on the first day of the month and generally published on our website at least two weeks prior to the effective date of change. Fuel surcharges are subject to fluctuation and may change without prior notice; the most current fuel surcharge will always be found on our website. 
Fuel applies to all areas of the world that Worldnet International services. 




Volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated by:

Inches to LBs = (L * W * H)/139 or Centimeters to KGs = (L * W * H)/5000


For any further questions please email our customer service team at here.